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Thread: Pair spawning

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    Pair spawning

    Hi I have four angels a catfish and a shoal of penguin tetras in my 400 litre tank I think a pair has formed with the angels they have taken over one corner of the tank wher I have the breeding cone placed are cleaning it constantly getting realy aggressive with the other fish chasing them away My question is do I move them to a tank on there own I have a 120 litre tank with just two mollies in I could take these two mollies out and leave the pair on there own this tank is in my bedroom so they wouldn't be disturbed what I'm worried about is will it be to stressfull for them being moved
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    The move may stress the pair a bit, but if you keep the conditions right they will recover in a short time. On the other hand if left in a community tank they will be exposed to possible continuous stress. I move all pairs into their own tank once they form. Hope this helps

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