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Thread: Angels breeding

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    Angels breeding

    Hi I have a pair of angels that are showing all the signs that they have paired up staying together cleaning the slate chasing my other one away and yet she hasn't laid eggs can anyone tell me what I'm doing wrong ?
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    Just be more patient. Do extra water changes to keep the tank pristine, feed high quality foods and they will spawn soon enough.

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    She spawned day two and eggs are still there
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    They should be hatch soon. Congratulations

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    Most have turned white it's my first time breeding angels I would appreciate any help you can give me
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    If the eggs turn white in the first 24 hours they were not fertilized. This often happens when the male is not fully developed or just starting out. I've had young males spend all their time chasing others away and forget to fertilize the eggs. Just give it more time.

    Once you have viable eggs you can let the parents raise them or pull the eggs. Artificially hatching them is a bit of work; and parents take several spawns to figure it out.

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    Thank you got up this morning and all the eggs are gone was there first time though so better luck next time thanks for ure help angels are my passion
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    New pairs (singles that have never been paired before or prior paired singles forming a new pair) rarely ever succeed the first time. It can take 3 to 4 cycles prior to success and rarely more, To ensure the next spawning occurs without delay, feed them heavily with frozen bloodworms in small quantities but as many as 5 times each day if you have the time. However, heavy feeding will require heavy maintenance each day - the bottom of the tank should be spotless to ensure that the water doesn't degrade in the meantime. Undesirable water parameters will either throw their cycle severely off or all the eggs may turn white again.

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    By this time, they should have had spawned approximately 1 to 2 additional spawnings subsequent to the initial one. If they have, did any hatch at all? If no, do you recall a difference between the shape of the protuberance in their anal region (same place where feces drop out of)? How would you describe them? If you didn't catch a glimpse of those, then the next time they prepare to spawn, take a closeup photo of those "tubes" and post those here. Let's determine whether you have both genders since it isn't unusual for same gender bonds to occur.
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    I am having the same issue.I purchased a proven pair.They laid eggs a couple of days after I got them home, but ate them.Then the got sick and Now they are all better and doing great, but no more eggs.I have a breeding cone,slate rock and amazon sword plant in there with them.They are the only ones in the tank.I am using a 50/50 mix of tap and RO water.I am going to do a water change now, wish me luck.


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