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    Angel pair

    Hi I have a pair of angels in my 180 litre tank nothing else in the tank . They have laid eggs twice last time they got to the wriggler stage before the female ate them . Three weeks on and all they do is what looks like fighting every time the male goes near the female they lock mouths ? Not showing any signs of spawning again do I separate them and try the female with another male or do I leave them . All water tests are fine nitrate 0 nitrit 0 ammonia 0 ph 7.2 ? Help please
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    So long as they are not causing physical damage the choice is up to you. Male - female lip-locking is a sign of measuring each other's suitability to spawn. Your pair does not currently have a strong bond. They might settle down. No guarantees. I have had females that spawned in 24 day cycles and others in 4 day cycles.

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    Wow that answered my question. Thank you


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