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Thread: My Office Tank

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    My Office Tank

    Here's a video of my 75 gallon tank in my office at work. It used to be a native sunfish tank, but I decided to go back to tropicals on this one.
    Stock List:
    5 angelfish
    6 giant danios
    6 cory cats
    1 clown pleco

    Thanks for watching.

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    Great video! Thanks for sharing.

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    You have a really nice tank in your office. Thanks for sharing.

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    Here's a video of my other tank. This is my native planted 75 gallon. It doesn't have any angelfish in it so this will be the only video of this tank that I post. I just thought I'd share it with you guys to see what you think. From now on though, I will only post videos of my angelfish tank.

    Stock List:
    4 spotfin shiners
    1 Southern Redbelly Dace
    3 Yellowfin Shiners
    9 Rainbow Shiners
    11 Iowa Darters

    Plants Include:
    Ludwigia Repens
    Ludwigia Palustris
    Bacopa Caroliniana
    Lobelia Cardinalis
    Tiny remnant pieces of fissidens fontanus (tried removing all of it)

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    Thanks for sharing. All those fish were pumping their gills. Hope they survive their captivity.

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    I've had this tank running for almost a year now. This video was shot just after a large water change. If there was any stress it was because of that. Otherwise they are perfectly fine. And only the larger silver ones are wild caught. The rest are captive bred natives that I purchased.

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    What a great tank!! Thanks for sharing.

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