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Thread: Blue White Gold Marble Glitter

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    Blue White Gold Marble Glitter

    A few months ago I put the last of my quarter sized Angels in my 90 gallon big Angels tank to grow out and see who pairs off. The lighting is ok but has to shine through plastic that gets foggy and a little green from algae. So all this time I'm thinking my Phillipine Blues are looking kind of pale. I got my spot light out and shined it on the Blue White Gold Marbles with Green Glitter that I thought was them expressing Blue. Wow what a goof! I had pulled a pair out of there several weeks ago and they ate their first batch so I pulled their eggs today and shined a light on them. Sure enough, they are a Blue White Gold Marble Clown Veil and a Blue White Gold Marble Ghost Widefin. Evidently I need to pay more attention and wear my reading glasses more often (or maybe clean them!) I had expected Blues and did the Angels fish calculator for that. After redoing it for these two I will get a whole lot of different types.
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    Light can play tricks on ya...nice pair....try shots from slightly above the fish, sometimes that doesn't wash out the colors...........sometimes...LOL
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    I have about a hundred young ones from this pair now. They are just gorgeous and I think I see Paraibas in the fry too.
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    Beautiful pair!!! When will you show some of the young ones?


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