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Thread: Heater for my 125g

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    Heater for my 125g

    I have a 125 gal tank I'm working on. I have no clue how much heat I will need. Will 1 300 wart be enough or do I need 2 300. Advice please

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    It will depend on the ambient temperature of the room the tank is kept in. If your room temp is 72 degrees and you wish the tank to be 82 degrees then a 300 will fall just short of enough wattage. A wider variance in tank/room temp will require more wattage. Here is a calculator that will help you decide.

    Also, most calculators are based on tanks with a top. Topless will lose heat faster and require greater wattage.
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    The general rule of thumb is 3-5 watts of heat per gallon of tank. So, a 125g would need at minimum 375 watts to 625 watts of heat. Odds are you will find a single 300 watt heater would not be enough. In my 125g I have 2 x 200 watt heaters.

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    Oh wow I just ran into this. Thank you thank you. I was wondering what I need Great info

    Why I just figured out that you answered my question I though I just ran into it by luck. I'm really having a hard time figuring out how to find out where to put my answer or question. Lmao. I need to talk to my doctor that this pain meds makes me where I have the light on but no one is home. Thank you so much for that. I wonder how I made it through collage lol
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