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Thread: Hi, I'm new...

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    Hi, I'm new...

    Hi, I'm new at raising angels and would love to try and breed them one day. I have three set up I'm my 55g community tank with some black neons, spotted Pleco, spotted catfish, kuhli, dwarf gourami, guppies, and ghost shrimp. My angels are still pretty small, maybe an inch or two. My question right now is this; How do you tell the difference in sex, and will they lay eggs on the glass or do I need to add driftwood or a slate for them to lay on?

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    Hello and Welcome to TAS.

    I have moved your post/questions to its own thread.

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    Thank you, I've been trying to figure out how to make a thread for a while now
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    No problem. Somebody should come along and answer your questions soon.

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    Angels as small as you have are impossible to sex. And even once they reach adult sized, in about 6 months, it will still be difficult at best. The only sure way to sex angels is to see them with their breeding tubes down. The male is pointed and shaped a bit like the end of a pencil; and the female is blunt and thick like the eraser end of the pencil.

    As they start to mature they will begin to fight and squabble with each other. You will need decor items to help break the line of sight through the tank. And if you happen to end up with a pair they will often kill off the 3rd angel. Hopefully that won't happen, but you need to be prepared for when the fighting breaks out and to intervene if it should get out of hand.

    Good luck with your angels!

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    Thanks... I have a heavily planted tank so there should be enough space if fighting does occur. Right now though they seem to all stay in the back corner under the filter, every now And then venturing out to the rest of the tank... But I do have a 30g tank that just needs to be set up and cycled for a breeding tank. Will try and post a pic of the angels if I catch them out of hiding. Also, is a pink dorsal fin on a gold angel common?

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    In general angelfish are not sexually di-morphic. There's really not a surefire way to determine gender. About a decade ago or less, the majority of domesticated male angelfish commonly sported a fatty dome-like growth on its cranial region. That was the most accurate feature indicative of gender. Since then, many of today's leading breeders, myself included, have bred that feature out from our bloodlines in order to retain the body phenotype of wild caught angelfish. This implies that if your fish came from a bloodline whose male's cephalic hump was not bred away, then that's your best identifier.

    On the otherhand, gender of fish coming from "fixed" lineages can only be assessed when they reach breeding age and immediately before spawning takes place. Once they pair up, they proceed to go thru the motions of pre-spawning behavior (such as major teritorrilism and spawning substrate cleanng) during which a protuberance willl be visible in the same area of the anus. Males will have thin pointed "tubes" (known as papillae) and females, a wide flat one (called an ovipositor). Those are your only gender indicators and will be visible beginning from 6 to about 10 months after hatching. However, the average breeding age is about 10 to 11 mos.

    I hope this helped.
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    That was a great.... Wat type of surfaces do angels prefer to lay their eggs on? I've heard of them laying on driftwood, flat slates, or the glass. Has anyone had more success with one or the other?

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    Mine used to lay eggs on the filter intake tube.Now I have them in a 20 gallon tall tank with a sponge filter and a piece if slate.They laid them on the slate now.


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