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    Deleting Posts

    Anyone know how to freakin' delete a post in its entirety?

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    Quote Originally Posted by terrapins View Post
    Anyone know how to freakin' delete a post in its entirety?
    Here is the page explaining deletions.

    The site administrator may have the option to delete posts turned off. It would be nice to have it turned on.... Hope this helps.


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    I already went through it and though I can get to edit mode or advanced edit mode, there's nothing that even remotely says or alludes to "delete." This is definitely a "Dena, HELP!!!!!" thing. LOL

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    A favor

    Dan, a favor - can you see if you can delete a post or thread? I still can't.

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    Members are not allowed to delete posts because this can cause many issues. For example, deleting the first post in a thread will delete the entire thread, which often is not appropriate.

    Instead everyone can freely edit their posts to display as wanted.

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