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Thread: Riddle me this: spawned yesterday and free swimmers today????

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    Question Riddle me this: spawned yesterday and free swimmers today????

    My Platinum Pearlscales spawned on Monday. Tuesday night I see a few free swimmers. This morning I see maybe 20 free swimmers! Any ideas of how this could have come about so quickly? Still plenty of eggs on the slate with a few white ones. Could they have had a small spawn on a different surface a day or two before this one?
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    It is not possible to have free swimmers that soon. The only explanation is that there is another spawn they had well hidden or some decor item was added to their tank that had a spawn attached to it.

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    I've personally experienced at least one exception; it happened last year. Almost complete yolk sac absorption occurred 3 days after hatching. It's possible that they may have had unusually smaller yolk sacs than the norm - that would be the only plausible cause that I can think of. In hind-sightedness, I didn't do any documentation in pictures or notes so I can't shed any light on why or how it occurred. I should have at least kept them isolated to watch their development; of course as is always my practice, combined them with the other spawns from the same lineage and age. I would have otherwise been able to assess its effect on at least short term survivability.
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