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Thread: New Rio Nanay Pair

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    New Rio Nanay Pair

    A second pair of 100% wild blood Peruvian - Rio Nanays laid eggs 7 days ago and today the fry went free swimming.
    Now that I have two pairs it is time to allow them a chance to parent raise. I'll let both pairs break in to the job while I grow out their previous spawns.
    Along with the Nanay crosses I'm working on, I'm starting to run out of tank space.
    Love the feeling, if you know what I mean.

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    Yes Dan, I know the feeling very well. All summer and early fall every clutch of eggs I hatched and around 6 right before they should have been able to free swim they all died. Then about 3-4 weeks ago, bamb! Every clutch I took, hatched, and a week later frre swimming. Now I have 7 spawns free swimming and 1 spawn to try out their swimmers. I still have a few tanks that can be used but then, that it for room. I can do some rearranging for more fry space too.

    Man does it take long to clean tanks with the very young fry. They seem to show great interest in have a thrill of a ride through the syphon hose. Am glad they can swim away when they get older. It used to take 4 hours cleaning tanks, now I can do them in 2.
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    It is great to hear that you got past that hurdle in getting free swimmers! It can be frustrating when something is wrong, and a lot of folks simply give up after a while. Perseverance is one of my favorite words in the English language. I am one of those people who seem to always have the odds stacked against me, excluding tropical fish that is (I've been lucky in love with that). But when I know I'm right I do not give up until I achieve my goal. Congrats on your abundant success!



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