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Thread: Caution - Children at Play

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    Caution - Children at Play

    Heading to the park,,,
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    Awesome photo of the twins!! Where was mom, those mommas sure can be testy!!! Love dem Meese!!

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    Mom was right behind, watching closely. She gave birth to the twins in our back yard a few days before the picture was taken. She has been a regular visitor to our home for several years now.

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    I hope you realize how fortunate you are? I am in Florida now but live over 40 years in Wy and have been wilderness camping in the Upper Hoeback region where a momma moose would enter our camp during the night snooping around. I played tag with her during the day, peeking at her then when she would come investigate I would duck behind a different tree. Once I had the opportunity to see a momma with twins, the photo I took turned out lousy but I forever will remember then. Such magnificent beasts that are under appreciated because they are rather plodding looking.

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    I agree, I am indeed fortunate to live in such a place. Alaska and Moose have a lot in common,,,,big, majestic, wild and a little unpredictable at times. I love them both!

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    How difficult is it for you to get nice angels up in Alaska?

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    Not difficult at all, just more expensive due to shipping distance and expedited service. Not a real issue for me, as with most things here on the edge of civilization one expects to pay more for just about everything. Even the Subway $5 foot-long is $6.


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