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Thread: Neon Dreams - Angelfish

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    Neon Dreams - Angelfish

    Click image for larger version. 

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    I would like very much to have those hanging on my wall. My Discus prints are good. I don't have any good Angel artwork.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LizStreithorst View Post
    I would like very much to have those hanging on my wall.
    You are welcome to do so, Liz. I consider it a compliment. Thank you very much!

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    Surely you can print those BIG and send them to me so I can frame them and put them on my wall. My house has some artwork but needs more.

    How much for a 2X3' for example?
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    I would do it for you, but I do not have a printer that would suit the job.

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    I can find someone to print them. Do your images have enough pixels to be blown up to say 2X2. You should watermark these. They are good. Some low life will steal them and make money from them.

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    The image file is 660 x 729, so it would probably not blow up very well. Thanks for the watermark tip. These images do not hold any real value for me, ones that do I would not post to a forum. The true value for me is that you like them enough that you would want them on your wall. I will keep that in mind for future work and be sure to make them large enough to handle poster size printouts. Thanks for your kind critique of my efforts!!!


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