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No need to give advice when selling on Aquabid. Post pics of the fish and let folkd decide for themselves if they're what turns them on.

I'm very fond of my LFS. We are good to one another and they do a decent job with their fish. IMO it's better to get a few bucks from them than have to slap good fish I have no use for on the concrete.
Nah, I want to be up front about fish and hopefully I can also help beginners. I am still learning (life is a learning process that never ends)and I appreciate any information people want to share.

I do have a couple Birchir who get my early on small culls, so at least I feel they are not wasted. I agree, I hate slapping fish down too but it is the fastest way if it needs to be done. I am in Florida and there is very little here in the way of good LFS. Not even good fish clubs close enough that I could attend and participate in fish auctions. sigh. I do like the owners of the one LFS but they are just tooo big and think. They have their moments.