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Thread: Cant get fry.

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    Cant get fry.

    I have posted on here many times and wanted to explain my setup just in case someone has any ideas for me.I have 4 20 gallon tall tanks with 4 breeding pairs in each tank.The tanks are located downstairs in my house in a bedroom where I watch tv at night and am in and out of during the day and night.All four pairs lay eggs every 9-14 days an I just cant seem to get any fry.The closest I came was a couple of weeks ago,I had about 25-30 fry free swimming with the parents, then about 5, then gone.What can I change?Temp is 80-81, water conditions are good. I try to leave them alone with the eggs in there.Im confident that it will happen, but getting frustrated.I dont want to pull the eggs.Any advice I get here is good advice and very appreciated.

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    You want the parents to raise fry - then one pair per tank. That is if you meant to say 4 pairs in each tank. It is that simple. Your tanks are way to crowded even without wanting fry.

    Or do you mean one pair per tank counting up to 4 pair? If one pair per tank, then it is a matter of the fish learning and it can take a few tries for them to get it right. Some pairs never get it right.

    30 Gal tanks would actually be better. But 20 tall will work.

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