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Thread: Agression in Tank... could use some advice!

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    Thank you!

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    Quote Originally Posted by apple429 View Post
    Thank you! Unfortunately, they got spooked when I came in and turned the lights on, then ate the eggs.. Oh well, it's not like this will be their last spawn!!

    If your intent is a parented spawn, you need to keep and lighting on 24x7 from spawning to the free-swim stage until you wean them from the pair. They need to see what they're doing; it doesn't have to be direct lighting; in fact I recommend either ambient lighting (light external to the tank but you must still be able to see inside) OR keep the tank top light but shield the spawn from direct light). You will lose the spawn if you turn the lights off during the free-swim stage (yes, the parents will eat them eggs or free-swimmers if they get "spooked' as you put it). Secondly, so long as the pair get along well even if one of them is highly aggressive PRIOR to pairing so long as it does not damage/maim its tank mates. If the latter, I do not recommend breeding it since behavior is inherited (to be more exact - pre-disposition towards certain behaviors are inheritable).

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    Round two!!

    Looks like most of the eggs are unfertilized, but that's okay. I did have most of the lights off so they probably couldn't see too well.. I didn't think they would spawn again this soon. Maybe our rainy weather has something to do with it??

    The Angels have not gotten "spooked" yet. But the female did come straight up to the glass when I came in and turned the lights on. The male stayed busy fanning the eggs. I fed them a very small pinch, the female got right after it, the male got some food a few seconds later, but then got bullied by the female and went back to work fanning the eggs.. It seems as though the male has the job of fanning, and the female keeps the slate clean.


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