Hello Everyone,

So it been a while since i've had angels, and I have never raised juvies before. Well they are starting to get big and aggressive. Also, some of their breeding tubes are showing! But I have one specific angel that really bullies the rest, mainly at feeding. I know this is perfectly normal, but today I was doing my check and noticed one of the smaller angels has a cloudy eye. Looks like a small amount of nipping has occurred at the fins as well, not too bad though. I took the bullied angel and put him in his own 20G high tank with some cory cats. As for the bully, I put him in a 29G with some swords.
I know this will not help a whole lot because there will always be an "Alpha" and there will alway be a "weaker" fish, but I wanted to get some advice before I moved any further.

I was thinking about adding some large clay pots and moving some plants around, the community tank does not really have any good hiding spots right now. What do you think? Also, should I treat the bullied angels eye with anything, right now I dosed the tank and his food with Vita-Chem, seems to help with nipping among my swordtails.

Thanks in advance for your help!