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Thread: Hello to all from Canada

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    Hello to all from Canada

    I am not familiar with this forum yet, some of you might know of my name, I recognize some too, but look forward to checking it out thoroughly with all of you!

    I have been a passionate aquarist for at least a decade and have kept many different types of fish, but mostly South American. I currently am very into angelfish genetics and breeding; angels have always been my passion. I also love my underwater gardens, and added plants to the mix two years ago which led me to learn so much, it has changed everything and reinforced my love for the hobby even more. I am always looking to learn more though and share what I have experienced with others in order to help.

    I look forward to chatting in this forum

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    Sounds like you are well on your way to being broke and overrun by tanks. Just kidding, welcome to the forum!

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    LOL, can't say I make any money of things, but I don't spend very much either. Guess I am breaking even at the moment. I try to budget myself and buy fish stuff with fish stuff proceeds.

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    Well I had to cut back drastically on my breeding pairs. Keeping all these tanks up in 80 degree or higher was breaking me. Dang my electric bill was out of sight!! Could not afford to keep that ip. So now I have a couple combined tanks of all angels and no fighting.

    I assume that is because pairs were already formed so no competition. Sure makes for awesome angel tanks tho.

    So, Angelcraze, depending on what you have set up, keep an eye on your utility bills that is what did me in. sigh.

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    Welcome! Glad you found us. If you haven't already check out our Library. We have many articles on angelfish genetics.


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