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Thread: Photo request - hatching jar

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    So, what's that in litres.. nearly 4L... ok.. so the ones I found were only half the size of the ones Damon showed. Don't think they will be big enough and shipping in from o/s will be too $$$. I think I will explore the jar idea a little more and come up with a cheap DIY version. Do people still put methylene blue in the jars or is that considered 'old fashioned' now? I don't even recall seeing it in LFS for ages though I still use it in my lab with kids in bio classes and we still classify it as non-hazardous.

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    One option you might consider is a simple 2.5 gallon (9.46 L) glass tank. I use them all the time and they provide better access for cleaning, in my opinion. I do not use Methylene Blue or Hydrogen Peroxide, just straight tap water. The chlorine will not harm the eggs and will dissipate before wigglers pop. Never a problem with fungus, but then again we have very nice water.

    I have even used a dishpan in a pinch. An old photo from when I was still using MB before I quit.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    I use 2 1/2's too.....they're great for fry.....I, also, use straight tap great.....
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    You need to know what's in the tap before knowing if it would be feasible. I am unable to use straight tap during the summer months while my municipal water comes from the river. High in iron and the last report indicated it now contains trace amounts of radon222. So, needless to say untreated water isn't an option for me. However, when my water is sourced from a local spring I can. Only downside to the spring water is that it contains high levels of phosphate, but it works great so long as I don't forget to sterilize the gallon jar or a 2.5 gallon tank with bleach.

    In fact, the last spawn I pulled, I was so excited (the Bulgarian Greens) that I pulled a rookie move and forgot to bleach the jar. None of the fry survived long enough to reach free swim

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    You'll be able to make these then lol

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    Not quite but definitely scary.


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