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Thread: TAS Auction News

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    TAS Auction News

    The Angelfish Society is very excited to announce our first online auction! There will be additional postings and news about this event as we work out the details. For now, here is a list of our current plans:

    • Tentatively scheduled late September or early October, but most likely early October
    • Auction will be held in our forum
    • Auction will be open to the public. Anyone can bid!
    • We have plans to old future auctions for members only
    • Starting bid will be the estimated cost of shipping. If shipping is higher than estimated TAS will cover the difference. So, the winning bid will be the total price!
    • Payments will be made through PayPal
    • Actual shipping is expected to occur mid to late October

    I have been able to confirm 11 donators who have indicated the offerings will include Sunsets, Platinums with the possibility of snakeskin, F1 Altums and Bulgarian Green angels. With this variety of angels from top breeders this is sure to be a successful event!!


    TAS is seeking angelfish donations to offer in our first online auction. We are only asking for the angels to be donated as the donator would be reimbursed for shipping costs.

    If you would be interested in making a donation for our auction, please PM me or reply to this post to get your name on the donation list.

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    The Angelfish Society is seeking donations for our auction. Please consider donating a few angelfish. We are accepting donations from both members and non-members.

    If you aren't comfortable with shipping, that is fine! We can indicate your fish are available for pick up only.

    If you live outside the USA, we can indicate that your fish are available for pick up only or can be shipped to your country.

    If you are an international shipper, we can indicate this on the auction as well.

    Any questions? Please contact me.

    I have been able to confirm the following:
    • F1 Altum, tank bred
    • Sunset
    • Platinum with the possibility of snakeskin
    • Bulgarian Green
    • And many other top breeders who haven't yet decided on their donation

    Together we can make this a great event!!

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    In order to have enough time to collect materials on each donation and set up the auction thread the following is the timeline we are working toward:

    • We will continue to accept donations through Sunday, September 27th
    • Those on the donator list will be contacted next weekend, September 19th or 20th, to request details on the angels
    • All materials, including information, photos, shipping info, etc must be received by Monday, September 28th to be included in our auction
    • Administrators will create the auction threads as information is received. All auctions will be posted to the TAS Auction forum by the last day of September
    • Bidding will begin on Thursday, October 1st
    • Last bid must be received by 11:59 PM EDT / 9 PM PDT, Saturday, October 10th
    • Winners will be notified on Sunday, October 11th

    The following are the requirements to participate or bid in our auction:

    • Must register in our forum and be logged in
    • Both TAS Members and our Guests can bid as long as:
      • your forum registration isn't in a timeout or has been banned for inappropriate behavior
      • your membership is in good standing

    • Payments will be accepted through PayPal unless other arrangements have been made with our Treasurer prior to Thursday, October 1st
    • Your auction winnings may be picked up by making arrangements or will be shipped direct from the donator the later half of October, pending weather conditions

    Should there be any DOA a photo of the fish must be sent to our Auction Admin Team at within 2 hours of delivery. Once verified that portion of your purchase will be refunded, less shipping cost. Depending on the carrier you may be able to get a refund direct from them for the shipping cost.

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    Here is the list of confirmed donations......

    *F1 Altum from Mike Troxell
    *Platinum with the possibility of snakeskin from Raechell Artrup
    *Bulgarian Green from Dena Edwards
    *Red Shouldered Manacupuru that has already turned from David Labell
    *Paraiba Smokey from Michael Gibbs
    *Variety of prebreeders that include Gold Marbles, expressing Zebra Leopard Halfblack Veil, Blue Koi Paraiba and Paraiba in addition to quarter+ Platinum, Blue Ghost and Blue Silvers from Devon Hughes

    And more to come!


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