Update on Batch #2 from post #24

Both parents from this batch are clearly homozygous for pb, mother was D/+ and father is D/g

That means there should be D/D, D/g, D/+ and g/+ individuals in this batch
Here are some photos of the Bulgarian Green offspring at just over 4 1/2 months old
all are pb/pb - bg/bg

I think this one is D/g :-

I think This one D/+ :-

I think this is D/D - Sm/+ - the amount of red colouration on this fish is quite interesting

I think this is the flip side of the fish above

I think this is either D/g or D/D
With this batch I can clearly see why Raiko called these fish Bulgarian Greens, there's definitely a green sheen to them at this size.