Back to the Bulgarian Greens.
I kept back about 15 from Batch #2 as potential breeders, most I selected were classic "BSP's" as both parents were homozygous for pb, all are pb/pb.
I also kept a couple of lighter ones and a few darker individuals, thinking that they were D/D, recently the colour of these has intensified and to be honest I'm now no longer sure that these are homozygous for bg :-

not the best photos I'm afraid, but the colour rendition is pretty accurate

Both fish below could be D/D - Sm/+ - pb/pb - bg/bg, but equally they may be D/+ or D/Gm and only het. for bg.

I'm confident this next one is bg/bg but depending on mood, it's smokey pattern can darken considerably.

I have however decided that for the moment I'm going to try to eliminate smokey from my Bulgarian Green breeding program, once I have a firm handle on how the gene expresses, I might reintroduce it, but at the moment it's one variable too many for me to cope with!