Update on batch #3

Well as you can see, both parents are still doing a fine job.
If you look very closely at some of the fry, you can just make out that they are blushing, this means that both parents must be ghosts. As the male is a smokey, this means there will be 6 different phenotypes even before we start looking at the main body colours of the parents :-
S/S - Sm/+ - pb/pb - bg/bg
S/+ - Sm/+ - pb/pb - bg/bg
+/+ - Sm/+ - pb/pb - bg/bg
S/S - +/+ - pb/pb - bg/bg
S/+ - +/+ - pb/pb - bg/bg
+/+ - +/+ - pb/pb - bg/bg

The parents came from a cross of D/+ x D/Gm which means there are 4 possibilities

In my experience with Bulgarian Green so far, D/D tend to be the darkest, with Gm/+ the lightest, and the latter tend to have clear rather than black fins. I'm pretty confident that the male is D/D, as he was one of the darkest individuals in the batch, so much so that I was beginning to question if he was homozygous for the Bulgarian Green Gene. However looking at how light the babies are I'm now confident that he is.
The mother I'm more unsure of, the lightness of her fins suggest Gm/+ but there's no obvious sign of any black markings from the Gm gene (the black blotch visible in the photo above can fade with mood, so is part of the ghost patterning, likewise the blotch at the root of her tail.) So there's a possibility that she may be D/+. As the babies develop, I'll have a better idea, particularly if any show signs of the gold marble gene.