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    invisible stripes

    I recently aquiired a 4+" angelfish with a most interesting trait; It'll go from zebra striped silver and black to pale ivory with NO black what so ever. The body stripes become golden and the fins are clear though it will turn back to silver and black almost instantaneously. I'm not aware of angelfishes ability to do this so dramatically. Is this "normal"?

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    Yes this is normal behaviour for wild angelfish, it reflects their mood & dominance in the tank.
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    its not wild
    it's zebra and I think platinum.
    its quarantined angels I've had did this so.dramaticly

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    It is very common with Zebra angels as well. It all has to do with their mood as stated above.

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    Very intersting!

    I have just acquired a group of juvies in which there is one classic zebra-all stripes on all the time- I assume from the remarks here that if I stressed him/her enough they would all disappear, but I'm not going to do that just yet. among the others I have "normal silvers" and others which have the S+ stripes but between them zebra stripes which are paler and can be modulates interdependently of the 3 Silver pattern. This is very similar to the situation in P. altum, and since scalare x altum appear to have been easier to produce in aquaria than pure altum crossings I'm wondering whether that's what I have going on. Can anyone comment on this? I've been out of the game for a while and may have missed some discussion of this behavior.

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    I have a zebra angel with leoprd spots, All bars are solid black with no diff between silver patten bars & additional zebra bars and 2-3 from the same LFS group in which the zebra bars are lighter and can be faded or intensified according to "mood". This reminds me of the situation with altums. Anyone else seen this? Could the latter be altum/scalare hybrids? Anyone else seen this?

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    Quote Originally Posted by abenaki View Post
    its not wild
    it's zebra and I think platinum.
    its quarantined angels I've had did this so.dramaticly
    All barred and smokey angelfish can vary the intensity of its bars and posterior pattern in reaction to stimuli eliciting an "emotional" response - bar intensity is the result.


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