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Thread: 2m South American Biotope tank.

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    Great setup! I'd sit and get lost for hours

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    Update, some pictures of the tank and some of the fish in it.

    Totalshot 31-08-2016 by Gert Blank, on Flickr

    Middle section by Gert Blank, on Flickr

    Sunken tree trunk by Gert Blank, on Flickr

    Biotodoma cupido by Gert Blank, on Flickr

    Pterophyllum leopoldi by Gert Blank, on Flickr

    Apistogramma sp. Erdfresser male by Gert Blank, on Flickr

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    Could you tell a few things about the plants, lighting, etc?

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    Plants in the tank are:
    Hydrocleis nymphoides, 2 small Echinodorus and some moss.

    PLants above the tank are:
    Monstera spp, Spatiphyllum spp, Asplenium spp. and Blechnum spp.

    Lights that I use above the tank are:
    1x 58W T8 TL Philips 950
    2x 20W LED Floodlights 6500K (Late evening lights)
    Also I sometimes use the three 50W GU10 Spots 4000K for the plants above the tank.

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    Your tank looks great!!

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    Lovely as always

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    Yesterday I started to coat my upper section of the tank. This is done with Elastopur, which is a two component coating. I used brown color pigment to darken the Elastopur and after that I used Peatfibers to give a more natural look. It isn't ready yet, so much word have to be done like more plants and decoration.

    2m Biotope tank by Gert Blank, on Flickr


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