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Thread: Discus and Angelfish Competition

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    Sorry to keep asking questions, but.....

    Is there a hierarchy to the categories, or can fish be entered in either, both or all categories for which they qualify? And if so, can the same photo be entered in multiple categories.

    For example, an albino blue marble might be entered in class 3 Gold & Marble class 5 Albino or class 7 Blue and Green.

    Or am I overthinking this, do I just enter a photo in the category in which I think it belongs, and leave it to the judges/competition organiser to move it to a more appropriate section as they see fit?
    Blessed are the cheesemakers!

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    Yes you can enter the same fish/photo in multiple categories if it qualifies.

    You may be overthinking this a bit. The classes are for the phenotype, but it appears you are thinking genotype. Based on the appearance of the example fish, Albino Blue Marble, what does the eye see? Just albino? Is there visible marbling on the fish? Is it obviously blue?

    The judges may move a photo to a different category if they feel it is a more appropriate choice.

    No need to apologize for asking questions Others may have the same questions but are not asking.

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    I don't actually have any albino blue marbles, I was just using that as an example, but to answer your question, there is usually obvious marbling on an albino marble, and blue albinos are noticeably different from ordinary albinos. Although I'd agree that the logical category for them is albino. I do however have blue marbles, & blue smokeys which would sit happily in more than one category. Indeed I have a couple of Chocolate blue marbles, which sort of sit in 3!....

    or how about a Smokey paraiba blue koi?.....

    Although I won't be entering either of the above photos as they're too old, I'd rather take some current ones.
    Blessed are the cheesemakers!

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    Just use your best judgement on the classes. If the judges disagree they will move them.

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    Will do, just need to get the camera out & start shooting
    Blessed are the cheesemakers!

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    are these photos aloud to be already published

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    why havent my photos been approved???

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    Quote Originally Posted by sky8416145 View Post
    are these photos aloud to be already published
    If by published you mean posted/shared by you, you can use in this competition. If you mean actually published in an actual publication, it will be disqualified.

    Quote Originally Posted by sky8416145 View Post
    why havent my photos been approved???
    Because a Moderator hasn't logged in to review your photos as yet. It will be approved as soon as possible.

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    There is still plenty of time to submit your photos! We have a few submissions already and are looking forward to seeing many more beauties

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    I'll be submitting more, just as soon as I've trained them to pose for the camera!
    Blessed are the cheesemakers!


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