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Thread: Discus and Angelfish Competition

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    I do not have permission to post images, so I posted a link to the image in the image gallery. I wonder fi this is where the viewing problem originated?

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    So many classes and so few entries. Common folks, a competition is only fun it there is good competition.

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    I completely agree Liz!! Need more entries to make this a great contest. Hopefully others are taking their time and will be posting photos soon.

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    i was going to enter a couple more, but having entered 13 of the 27 entries so far I'm waiting until more join in.
    Blessed are the cheesemakers!

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    I know the feeling. Wasn't planning on entering since I've been posting all the announcements. But as I am not judging anything I just may....

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    I thought that the end date for posting a pic for judging was April first? You should have entered before the dead line, but you didn't. I would very much like to see what the judges choose. I would also like to know who the judges are. Next time y'all do this you should have fewer classes. We have not had near enough entries to fill the classes.

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    Photos can be submitted through the end of April. I will try to get info on the judges.

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    OK everyone....where are those photos??? It isn't too late to submit your photos in our competition!!

    Photos will be accepted through the end of April. Show off your angels and discus and you may be rewarded

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    The judging line up is as follows (subject to change):

    Discus Judges
    Kuo-yun Kuan
    Cuynet Birol
    Tony Tan
    Jeffrey Tan

    Angelfish Judges
    Ihsan Surer
    David Labell
    Tony Vaughan

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    Just one week left to submit your angelfish and discus photos to the competition. If you haven't already, please submit your photos for a chance at being recognized and winning its given class.


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