The following announcement was posted on Facebook earlier tonight to announce a photo competition featuring both discus and angelfish.

The Angelfish Society in conjunction with Discus Elite are hosting a one of a kind competition! This competition is open to our members as well as the public and will feature both discus and angelfish.

We are pulling together a distinguished panel of acclaimed international judges, each having been recognized for their own efforts in breeding and/or competition. Winners are the final decision of our esteemed judging panel which will comprise at least 4 members specializing in discus or angelfish.

Once the classes are finalized contest folders will be set up in the TAS Photo Gallery. In order to submit photos, each must be registered on the TAS website as a guest or a member. Further, each guest must have posted on the TAS forum; or contacted the moderators to manually allow image posting. This is an unfortunate step required to filter out spammers. All questions and concerns should be directed to John Ryan of Discus Elite or myself.

We encourage everyone to register on both the TAS Forums and on the Discus Elite websites. All announcements and notices will be posted on both sites linked below.

Let's make this a fun and exciting contest!