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Thread: Discus and Angelfish Competition

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    Discus and Angelfish Competition

    The following announcement was posted on Facebook earlier tonight to announce a photo competition featuring both discus and angelfish.

    The Angelfish Society in conjunction with Discus Elite are hosting a one of a kind competition! This competition is open to our members as well as the public and will feature both discus and angelfish.

    We are pulling together a distinguished panel of acclaimed international judges, each having been recognized for their own efforts in breeding and/or competition. Winners are the final decision of our esteemed judging panel which will comprise at least 4 members specializing in discus or angelfish.

    Once the classes are finalized contest folders will be set up in the TAS Photo Gallery. In order to submit photos, each must be registered on the TAS website as a guest or a member. Further, each guest must have posted on the TAS forum; or contacted the moderators to manually allow image posting. This is an unfortunate step required to filter out spammers. All questions and concerns should be directed to John Ryan of Discus Elite or myself.

    We encourage everyone to register on both the TAS Forums and on the Discus Elite websites. All announcements and notices will be posted on both sites linked below.

    Let's make this a fun and exciting contest!

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    Excellent !!........come on gang, let's support this and enter some pictures of your Angels....who knows? may have a real jewel in your tank....give it a try....enter....
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    Any news on progress of this?
    Blessed are the cheesemakers!

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    Unfortunately those working on finding sponsors are not having much luck. I may try to put together a page on our site to sell sponsorships as a backup. And use any raised funds for prizes.

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    Oh well, good luck in coming up with something, to be honest I'd be happy to enter simply for the chance of hopefully winning a nice certificate!
    Blessed are the cheesemakers!

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    If rewards are the issue, think small - ask donations from each side; unless you've already contemplated that.

    BTW, I think it's a very creative idea, Dena!
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    OK, here's where we stand today..........

    Still no corporate sponsor. Therefore, we will come up with a certificate we can email to each winner plus a $10 gift certificate from The Angelfish Society to your fish supply store of choice so long as they have gift certificates available. For those outside of the USA, your gift certificate would be converted to your local currency.

    We will continue to seek corporate sponsorship. And if one is secured we will let everyone know!

    I am going to set up the competition folders and we will begin accepting photographs through the end of April. On May 1, 2016 it will be handed over to the judges who will make their decision and announce the winner.

    Here are the guidelines and rules for submitting photos to this competition:

    * This competition is open to the public

    * In order to submit photos you need to have registered and are logged into The Angelfish Society’s Photo Gallery or Forum (same login credentials)

    * Photos may be cropped and resized, however, no color manipulation is allowed

    * Every attempt to capture the entire fish in the photo should be made

    * Attempt to have a single fish in the photo

    * Do not submit multiple photos of the same fish in the same class, including both sides of one specimen

    * When submitting angelfish please follow the Conformation Standards Guide linked on our website at

    * Do not reuse a photo that has won a past competition

    * Submitted photos should not have a watermark or visible print. Such photos will be deleted without notice

    * Photos should be less than 2MB in overall size and both height and width should be 4000 pixels or less. If your photo doesn’t upload this is the cause

    If there are any questions please ask.

    Best of luck to everyone who enters our one of a kind competition!!!!!

    Competition folders are found at
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    Is there any limit as to how many photos an individual can enter, either into one particular category or overall?
    Will entries be judged on the basis of the quality of the fish, or the quality of the photo, or both?
    Blessed are the cheesemakers!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pterophyllum View Post
    Is there any limit as to how many photos an individual can enter, either into one particular category or overall?
    Will entries be judged on the basis of the quality of the fish, or the quality of the photo, or both?
    No limit to how many photos can be submitted by a single person. The only limit is one image per individual fish.

    Entries will be judged on the quality of the fish itself as much as possible.


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