Hi all, new to the forum.

My story.
I went to a local cichlid club auction the other day. I had no plans to buy Angelfish but I saw a bag with the prettiest pair of angels in it. It was labled "pair of large smokey blue pearlscale angelfish".
Wow! They were gorgeous. I immediately told my wife that we should focus on winning those for our 100 gal planted show tank.

We waited for awhile and I noticed them getting a lot of attention so I decided to pay the $2 fee to have them placed at the front of the auction line for bidding.

So up they go and in my head I was thinking there was no way they would go for more than $40. So that's the limit I set in my mind for them.
So I left my hand up as the auctioneer went back and forth between about half dozen of us.

$20 quickly became $30 and so forth. I notice this young woman wasn't even hesitating as it passed my $40 and so on so I put my hand down :-(
She ended up getting them for$58. I don't have any idea if that's crazy or a deal etc.. But now I'm here to learn more before the next auction on the 20th.

I want to be ready. Hopefully I can find a breeding pair of special angels next time around :-)

Not that I'm in the hobby to make money but it would be cool to breed some that a different than what's currently available around here.

Thanks for reading.