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Thread: Hello from Kentucky

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    Hello from Kentucky

    Hello all you angelfish lovers! I am new here. I thought I would try to find a forum just for angel lovers. I found The Angel Fish Society! I am not new to aquariums but I am new to Angels. I currently have 6 angels. 2 smokey blues, (just bought tonight) 1 black, 1 silver, 1 gold, 1 marbled koi. I believe I got the breeds correct. I had been looking for some type of blue angel and the LFS just happened to have the smokey blues 1.5" body size on sale for $3.50 each. I couldn't pass them up. My angels are in a 55 gallon heavily planted tank. I plan on upgraded to a 120g soon. I will post some pictures below. The pictures I have of the 2 smokey blue's ins't correct in the picture as they are still a little stressed from the transport. They don't have the smoke on their body in the picture. Also in this tank is a pair of german blue rams and 4 cory cats. I hope to learn more about my angels on this forum.

    Ignore the glofish in the tank, they are now gone!

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    Welcome to our forum! Looks like you have a nice variety of fish in your tank.

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    Great to have you with us! From just south of you in Tennessee!


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