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Thread: smallest size tank for an adult angel

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    smallest size tank for an adult angel

    An interesting question, would anyone care to share the correct response?

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    20Tall is the smallest tank size recommended for an adult angel.

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    I tried 20 on the random question on the application and it was rejected. Is there a problem with the application?
    By the way, I live in the USA and have never seen a 20 gallon that wasn't a tall. They may have existed at one point,
    but if they are still around it would be a special order or an older used tank. So, if the tall is part of the correct response, there are going to be a lot of rejected applications. I would hate to see hobbyists turn away from the site because of that.

    Thanks for the response catsma_97504.
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    A standard 20g or even a 20Long are typically 12-13 inches tall. This is not enough room for an adult sized angel to fully develop and display its fins. 20Talls are available in my area, not sure why you are unable to locate such a size. So, instead you'll need to look at 25g or even 29g. What you are after is a tank that has at least a 16 inch water height and at least 12 inches in depth. Obviously the larger the tank the better.

    Not quite sure what you meant by stating the application was rejected.


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