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Thread: Previously successful male mate isn't fertilizing .....

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    Hi! Well I just read my post from October and now realize I am not imagining SLOW growth! My jueveniles are still quarter, nickel and dime sized and two months have passed. What am I doing wrong? They are VERY active and hungry. I feed them three times a day, alternating frozen brine shrimp and flakes. They are all in my 65 gallon tank except for 10 tiny ones that I removed to 10 gallon tank as an experiment to see if they would get more food and grow. I tried to post a picture, but I guess I need to read instructions.

    Any variables that may help them grow? I change water 25% twice a week. Testing reveals no nitrites or ammonia. It as both a 70 gallon bio wheel HOB and A 40 gallon AQUEON HOB filter. Too much current?
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    I'd say your water change is insufficient and odds are the nitrates are building up in addition to the hormones from growing fish. If you ask breeders how much water they change they will all tell you that they do large water changes daily. And some will tell you the do water changes a couple of hours after every feeding to keep the water in pristine condition.


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