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Thread: Combining Fry

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    Combining Fry

    Can I combine fry that are about 9 days apart in age?

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    Depends how old they are.
    If the younger ones are just free swimming then putting them in with larger fry, most are likely to be out competed by their older tank mates, or even end up as food for them, but by the time they're a couple of months old, they're likely to be fine together. Before that, size rather than age should be the deciding factor, it's a good policy to separate out the faster growing individuals in a batch from their slower growing siblings.
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    Thank you for your input. The small fry are only free swimming for about a week. The older fry have been all swimmers for about 12 days. I will wait a while. I have about 12 from my first batch of spawn and about 50 or so from the second batch. Older ones are in a 10 gallon and younger ones are in a 20 tall. I'm hoping the parents will take a little break now as the first two came so close together I didn't expect it at all. The last two weeks have been crazy. I'm a newbie so I've had to learn a lot in a very short period of time.

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    As there are only about 3 days between them, I'd wait until the younger/smaller fry have developed their fins (around 10-14 days of free swimming). At this size they can be put together without issue. Best of luck raising them!

    FYI - Happy adults will breed constantly. As quickly as in 4-5 day cycles. You won't be able to save every spawn and will eventually need to just let nature take its course.

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    Thank you! She just laid more eggs yesterday. We are working on moving the other fish out and into their own tank so the angel parents will be alone in the tank. Hoping this will alleviate the stress for everyone.


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