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Thread: Greetings From Western NY

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    Greetings From Western NY

    Hello every body and thank you or accepting me in to this great community. I'm just starting into the exclusive Angel world and am currently working on " replicating" some of Ken Kennedy's work with the Philippine Blue variant. I love the Pinoy and just ordered some blue ghost and zebra from to get my project off the ground. I recently(Tuesday) got a shipment of DD veil from a society member as well but am looking for another few Pre breeders to expand my gene pool a bit if anyone have some prime specimens. Some of my current stock are in the pictures below .......
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    You have quite an undertaking in progress. Good luck with your plans.

    FYI: I had to remove the image. It was linked to your computer. In order for everyone to view it you need to attach it or upload it to our server. Another option is to store the photo on another website and link to it.

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    Thanks for the advice, I realized that and then when I didn't see it approved this morning I redid my into with photobucket. Don't know if that one will show up or not but I just did that an hour ago. As for Ken's work... Yes I'm overwhelmed at the moment and diving in as quickly as I can to to keep the status quo


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