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Black Ghost and Hybrid Black Ghost
Multiple Locus Phenotype

Non-wild alleles that interact to form these phenotypes:
Dark (D), Stripeless (S)

 Black Ghost

 “Ghost” is a term used to describe an angelfish with one stripeless allele.  A black ghost angelfish is a black lace, or double dark black angelfish with one allele for stripeless.   The stripeless allele suppresses the expression of any underlying body stripes.  Possible genotypes for a black ghost are:

D/+ - S/+
D/D – S/+

A hybrid black angelfish with one stripeless allele is generally called a hybrid black ghost.  The most common hybrid black ghost will have the dark allele paired with a gold allele, but it can also be paired with a gold marble or marble allele.  Possible genotypes for a hybrid black ghost angelfish are:

 D/g – S/+
D/Gm – S/+
D/M – S/+ 

Each of these genotypes results actually has a somewhat different phenotypic expression, but they are categorized on this page as simply black ghost and hybrid black ghost because of common usage of these names.  The differences are described below.

BLACK GHOST: (D/+ - S/+)

Black Ghost

 When a black lace is used as the basis for the black ghost the result is the lightest colored of the black ghost varieties.  The dark color is intermediate in expression, more of a charcoal gray instead of black.  The stripeless allele prevents the expression of the body stripes, but this phenotype will typically have a dark stripe through the eye and a dark spot on the caudal peduncle.  

Black Ghost

 When a double dark black angelfish is used as the basis for black ghost the result is the darkest of the black ghost varieties.  The darker stripe through the eye and the spot at the caudal peduncle will be present, but may be hidden by the dark color of the angelfish except under a bright light.




The hybrid black ghost appears black, although not quite as deep a black at the double dark black ghost.  The most popular hybrid black ghost pairs the dark allele with a gold allele (D/g-S/+).  Under a bright light, a stripe may be seen over the eye and a dark spot at the caudal peduncle.  When gold marble or marble are paired with the dark allele, a bright light will reveal the darker marbled pattern underlying the overall black coloration.


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