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Dark Locus: Black Phenotypes
The allele that is responsible for the black coloration in black phenotypes is referred to as the “dark” allele and is designated with the symbol D. 

Possible black phenotypes are:
Double Dark Black (D/D)
Hybrid Black (D/g, D/Gm, D/M)
Black Lace (D/+)

Black dd

Black (D) exhibits co-dominance with the wild type allele (+).  It is dominant to marble (M), gold marble (Gm), and gold (g) alleles.

Three distinct phenotypes of black occur: black, hybrid black and black lace.  Black angelfish are homozygous for the dark allele (D/D) and are commonly called “double dark” blacks.  Hybrid blacks have one allele for dark and one for marble, gold marble or gold.  Black lace angelfish contain one dark allele and one wild-type allele.  The table below summarizes how the allele for dark interacts with other alleles at this locus to form the black phenotypes. 


Phenotype: Double Dark Black Hybrid Black Black Lace
Genotype: D/D

D/M, D/Gm, or D/g

Pattern of inheritance:   Dark is dominant to  Marble, Gold Marble, and Gold  Dark is co-dominant with wild type (blending of traits)

Approved by The Angelfish Society Standards Committee on February 11, 2007.

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