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 Pterophyllum Scalare

In angelfish of the species Pterophyllum Scalare, eight different loci have been identified to have non-wild alleles that alter the appearance of the fish, or phenotype. Many different phenotypes can be formed from combinations of alleles for these mutations.  This library contains photographs and information about a large array of these phenotypes, starting with the wild and wild type phenotype, then with phenotypes that occur as a result of mutations at each individual locus, and finally with phenotypes that occur from interactions between alleles at two or more locus.  

“Alleles for each mutation are represented by a one or two letter symbol; the symbols are shown in parentheses following the names in the table of contents.”


Table of Contents

  1. Wild Type (+/+)

  2. The 8 Single Locus Phenotypes (phenotypes that

      occur from the presence of or interaction between

      alleles at each individual locus)

       - Albino Locus (a)

       - Dark(D), Gold(g), Gold Marble(Gm), and Marble(M)

         are all at the same locus.

       - Halfblack Locus (h)

       - Pearlscale Locus (p)

       - Smokey Locus (Sm)

       - Streaked Locus (St)

       - Veiled Locus (V)

       - Zebra(Z) and Stripeless(S) are both at the same



  3. Multiple Locus Phenotypes (phenotypes that occur

      from the interaction between alleles at two or

      more loci)

       - Albino Pearlscale (a, p)

       - Black Ghost (D, S)

       - Black Blushing (D, S)

       - Black Clown (D, S/Z)

       - Black Lace Halfblack (D, h)**

       - Black Lace Pearlscale (D, p)**

       - Black Pearlscale (D, p)

       - Blue Koi (Gm, S)

       - Chocolate Black (D, Sm)**

       - Chocolate Black Blushing (D, Sm, S)

       - Chocolate Black Ghost (D, Sm, S)

       - Chocolate Blushing (Sm, S)

       - Chocolate Ghost (Sm, S)

       - Chocolate Lace (D, Sm)**

       - Chocolate Turquoise Blushing (D, Sm, S)

       - Gold Pearlscale (g, p)

       - Gold Marble Pearlscale (Gm, p)

       - Halfblack Blushing (h, S)

       - Halfblack Ghost (h, S)

       - Halfblack Pearlscale (h, p)

       - Koi (Gm, S)

       - Leopard (Sm, Z)

       - Leopard Black (D, Z, Sm)

       - Leopard Black Ghost (D, Z, S, Sm)

       - Leopard Lace (D, Z, Sm)

       - Marble Blushing (M, S)

       - Marble Ghost (M, S)

       - Marble Pearlscale (M, p)

       - Silver Ghost Gold Marble (Gm, S)

       - Silver Ghost Pearlscale (S, p)**

       - Silver Marble Ghost (M, S)**

       - Smokey Black (Sm, D)

       - Smokey Black Blushing (D, Sm, S)

       - Smokey Black Ghost (Sm, D, S)

       - Smokey Blue Koi (Gm, Sm, S)

       - Smokey Blushing (Sm, S)

       - Smokey Ghost (Sm, S)

       - Smokey Gold Marble (Gm, Sm)

       - Smokey Lace (Sm, D)

       - Smokey Leopard (Sm, Z)

       - Smokey Leopard Black (D, Sm, Z)

       - Smokey Leopard Lace (D, Sm, Z)

       - Smokey Pearlscale (Sm, p)

       - Smokey Marble (M, Sm)

       - Smokey Turquoise Blushing (D, Sm, S)

       - Streaked Black (St, D)

       - Streaked Black Lace (St, D)

       - Sunset (g, S)

       - Turquoise Blushing (D, S)

       - Zebra Halfblack (Z, h)

       - Zebra Lace (Z, D)

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August 12,  2007

Official TAS Standards Committee Approval of 14 multi locus phenotype pages

May 14, 2007

Official TAS Standards Committee Approval of 15 multi locus phenotype pages and the addition of a "Request" Feature

March 11, 2007

Official TAS Standards Committee approval of 22 multi-locus phenotype pages

Feb. 11, 2007

Official TAS Standards Committee approval of primary phenotype pages

Jan. 21, 2007

Library is Live!!

Jan. 14, 2007

Added more photos, Edited as needed

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The Standards Committee is still looking for a number of photos to help us complete our library. Here is a list of photos we need, if you have something that you would be willing to let us use we would appreciate it.

Chocolate black
Chocolate dark marble
Chocolate gold marble
Chocolate hybrid black
Chocolate lace
Chocolate marble
Hybrid black clown
Leopard Ghost
Silver gold marble
Silver marble
Smokey dark marble
Smokey gold marble
Smokey hybrid black
Smokey leopard ghost
Smokey marble


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